IT outsourcing consultancy services:
Based on my experience, companies can save operation costs up to 30-50% applying the right outsourcing strategy and offshore business model. IT providers are focusing to delivery a high level of consulting, implementation, and optimization services in order to minimize the costs, risk and maximize the customer’s ROI. With the benefits of IT Outsourcing Consulting Services, you can unlock the cost allocation your resources for fully or specific business processes by planning, and distributing the functions and tasks in long-term. Depending on your Outsourcing IT provider selection, you can perceive the success of your business throughout the service life cycle. From business consulting, and implementation to operations and continuous improvement, the right IT Outsourcing strategy can cover the major aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Health-care industry:
After my project experience with the IS-Healthcare, I can integrate your healthcare processes, combined with complementary applications. Based on SAP HC solutions, you can have the benefits for pre-configured clinical processes, and you can better manage and coordinate patient care, from pre-registration and bed assignments to patient education. Have better access with Web-enabled functions for patient management, diagnostics, and therapy. You can assess cases loads, develop and implement treatment strategies, and document clinical care cases. With the pre-configured solutions you can better communicate online with providers, payers, patients, general practitioners, hospitals, and suppliers and take advantage of powerful data warehousing features for target planning of resource, costing, and top management.

Pharmaceutical Industry:
With this experience I have the business process expertise with the SAP solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry, you can benefit from an electronic signature and audit trails according to the GMP (Good manufacturing practices), have an electronic batch recording for all your critical processes, you can run an unit management or recipe management, have full version control (Change Management), but also have an integrated hubs for process control, a process operations cockpit for monitoring production execution and an automated process for master data approval.

Chemical Industry:
Given my experience working with the SAP industry solutions, you can enhance your key business processes and concentrate on the innovation new chemical products. With the SAP Chemicals solution portfolio you can benefits from a variety of tools that will help you reach new levels of success. For example running Unit management, Campaign planning, Recipe Management, Co-product support, Batch management, Version control, with integrated hubs for process control systems and process operations cockpit to integrate process control systems and monitor production execution.

Mechanical, plant engineering, and construction:
Thank my expertise with CAE/CAM/PDS/SAP tools for the Plant Engineering, Construction and within the Operation Industry I can deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet your needs and challenges of your business. I can contribute to help you creating and coordinating complex projects, manage partner, vendors and subcontractors. In a nutshell, I can adapt your requirements to new technologies, and apply best practices based on SAP IS for Plant Engineering, and Construction providing a powerful range of functions and capabilities developed for: Plant contracting, Construction, Homebuilding and Shipbuilding. With the benefits of the SAP for Engineering, Construction and Operation solutions, you can support and enhance all the business processes within project and plant life cycles. So, that you can collaborate more closely with partners, such as suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers and finally you can increase performance, and become more competitive.

Automotive industry:
In a growing economy, the manufacture industry compete globally, and the trend toward “make-to-order” manufacturing are filling individual customer requirements rather than “make-to-stock” has put new demands on manufacturers and dealers. For that reason particularly the automobile industry, need to answer quickly to customer needs, at the right time, at the right place with the right products. According to my own experiences success on the automobile industry depends tremendously on “speed”. This is the keyword in product development, in product assembly, and in product delivery to dealers and customers. Manufacturers must closely manage armies of suppliers and partners in order to optimize, adjust systems and alignment components, which would be delivered, where and when customer need them. In an always-changing and adaptive economy collaboration among all the industry players like suppliers, dealers, and customers is the most essential part of the whole value chain, this is where I can help you with the SAP for Automotive solutions by linking complex business processes into a logical flow, maximizing efficiency and satisfying customers' expectations. The SAP for Automotive permits the seamless integration and collaboration of different internal organizations and the support of business processes spanning multiple enterprises.

Oil and petrochemical industry:
Given my experiences working for the Deutsche Shell and the integration of PDS/2D with the SAP IS Oil & Gas interface this has made possible the data exchange and delivery of key information data, between enterprise SAP R/3 applications and plant system design systems. Thanks the new integrated SAP IS portfolio for Oil and Gas solutions, I could leverage your current applications providing accurate data exchange quickly with the information you need to proactively manage assets and maximize your cash flow, and finally do it better than your competition. Based on a solution map and business scenarios, I can outline the most important business processes you have, and support you by visualizing, planning, and implementing a coherent, and comprehensive solution together with you. Given your current business scenarios, I can provide you with a detail design or case study with views or snapshots of end-to-end processes and defines the activities, roles, system interfaces, and business documents that you need.

Consumer / Beverage industry:
With IS expertise in the consumer industry and particularly in the beverage industry I can provide sophisticated end-to-end pre-configured solutions that integrate your core processes into a seamless logistical chain. That allow you a rising consumer demand and to push companies in order to operate at a peak capacity. Yet increasing competition means companies must aggressively court customers with rock-bottom prices, high-quality products, and error-free distribution, while staying nimble enough to exploit any new markets. Typically for the beverage industry success depends on your own ability to quickly exploit new opportunities, respond to new customer needs, and adapt to new market conditions. That's why small, middle and large beverage companies need functional and technical consultancy services with the SAP Beverage IS. With this IS you can integrate your core business processes into a seamless logistical chain, enabling you to ensure superior service and product quality without losing control of costs. Based on a comprehensive, and my experiences I can help you by optimizing your core functions, from telesales CRM solutions, direct store delivery (DSD), and route accounting to management of empties, rebate management, contract management until the utility of SEM or BI modules.

Telecommunication Industry:
According to my experiences in the telecommunication industry I am providing end-to-end solutions according to the SAP IS portfolio for your core business area in that industry. I can integrate your entire business on a coherent platform, I can streamline your existing operations, and I can introduce efficient, future-proof
e-business functionality with the new SAP Telecommunication up-front solutions.




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