Scope of activities:

Main focus:
Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Management Consulting focusing on Outsourcing Business Strategies, BPO Business Process Outsourcing development applying offshore business models. My core industry focus includes the Process and Chemicals Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Maintenance & Engineering, Industrial Services and Business Management Consulting Industry. During the last 5 years I have been working for diverse international Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) projects, engaged in the restructuring and redesign of IT business processes.

Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management:
E xperience with the Re-Design of internal and external IT processes, Re-Engineering of Customer Business Processes, Integration of client IT solutions and 3th. Parties based on Add-Ons, Plug-Ins, and CAE Interfaces. I have been working for the Control of material consumer and material flow systems. For example: the Operation and Inventory Management standardizing customer’s business scenarios with the SCM logistics pre-developed solutions.

Marketing and Sales:
Widely experience conducting and leading marketing research, primary and secondary data analysis, result evaluations and recognizing new business opportunities for new entries. Use of e-Marketing such as alternative, spreading up and commercialization of new IT Business Services. Service marketing concept and customer demand, design and extension of company service portfolio, making promotion and advertising. Applying of cost-control, sales forecasting plan, and acquisition strategies for different industry sectors. This can help your business, whether you are communicating with consumers, business, investors or employees, but also publishing newsletters, run promotions or send announcements based on the 4P's.

Quality Management:
According to my experience the IT industry has witnessed continuous absorption of new methodologies, techniques and tools for software development. Despite this, software development continues to remain a manpower-intensive area, directly making the quality of software personnel the major determinant of the quality standards achievable. For that reason, we need to executive and control the quality of deliveries software under a change management system. The quality process monitoring and quality management control should be according to DIN ISO 9001, or the equivalent CMM5.

Organization and soft skills:
E xpertise dealing with project teams leading individual and group behaivors. I am still facing new challenges on a daily basis working with different people, different cultures and different skills all around the world. ... and I never stop to learn from new everyday experiences..



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