The following summary shows the role of my last projects. In case you need a reference about any of this assignments, please contact me:

Period: Sept. 05 - Nov.06 (FRSENIUS AG, Bad Homburg)
Branch: Health Care and Medical Care Industry
Project/Function: -SAP Senior Consultant, BW, APO, SEM Upgrade Manager. (Responsible for upgrades projects mySAP ERP 2005, ECC 5.0, BW, APO and SEM components):
- Upgrade from APO 3.0A to SCM 4.0 with LiveCache and Optimizer update for APO landscape (TEST, DEV, PROD). APO Optimizer Installation and supervise support packages. Configuration and installation of server security updates, fixing error codes, optimizing system parameters and monitor all systems upgrades.
- Upgrade from LiveCache 7.4.2 Build 21 to 7.4.3 Build 35 (SCM 4.0) APO LiveCache, monitoring LC system parameter. System installation and configuration of SCM landscape. Fix Pack Installation and bugfixing technical problems based on the platform Unix/DB2 8.2.
- Installation of SAP Kernel 6.20 -> 6.40 PL93, DB2 FixPackages. Troubleshooting and workaround management. Server Profile parameter configuration.
- Setup a system copy procedure for BW/APO/SCM systems (documentation with all actions and steps to follow up) and supervise the execution with shell-scripts. Coordinate database upgrades and coordination of data migration.
- Perfom GoingLive Check Verification Session with SAP for the Fresenius Netcare Landscape, run DB diverse configurations and LiveCache LC3 parameter optimizing.
Period (Client): Jun.04– Jul.05 (DM Beteiligungen AG, Duesseldorf)

Financial Service Industry


-System analyst, SAP CRM. (CRM project manager):
- Managing CRM evaluation project between (Oracle-Siebel and SAP). Create project scope with client, managing resource planning (team members: 8). Business Re-Engineering and optimization of the client CRM core business processes for new contact center and BackOffice department, (BPR of corporate bonds sales).
- Preparation of business case scenarios, implementation of SAP CRM 4.0, data migration from old CRM system, GoingLive Preparation.
- Unit test management (Quality Management report). Responsible for the test-functionality (backoffice requirements), which includes a customized CC, Campaign Management with integrated “Asset Management” functionalities. Setup a VoIP environment into the CC. Responsible for full life cycle implementation of leads, campaign and opportunity management according to the client project scope. Acting PM wit change management activities

Period (Client): Jan.03– Mai.04 (Bayer BBSAG, Leverkusen)

Health Care, pharmaceutical and chemical industry


SAP project manager and analyst. (Bayer Business Services, formerly Bayer AG, SAP Deployment 3.0 Project):
- 5 SAP Implementation and GoLive coordination with all SAP modules based on 4.6B Release for diff. business divisions (Polymers, Chemicals, CropScience and Health Care)
- Project management reporting the head of department according to build up an international SAP-Technical Application Support Organization within the Customer SAP Competence Center. System configuration for data exchange over Idocs across an EDI/ALE system landscape (150 satelite systems). Responsible for Basis and ALE monitoring team (24 consultants). Concept for installation guide, configuration, performance, system monitoring and standard operating procedure for SAP-Basis technical and functional support (MM. PS, PM).
- Responsible for the implementation and maitenance of SAP R/3, APO 3.x, BW 3.x althought the integration between 2 diff. system landscapes. (Lift project)
- Restructuring of the SAP Basis Service Level Agreement, and implementation of the SAP Solution Manager as support and upgrade platform. Troubleshooting and Performance Management. Function: Project Assistent
- Create concepts for upgrade strategies for the whole landscape, preparation and co-ordination with the related application departments.
- Technical support training (SAP Solution Manager, Integration of SAP Center Service) 

Period (Client):

Nov.01 – Dec.02 (Henkel AG, Duesseldorf)


Chemical and Consumer Industry


- SAP senior consultant (technical analyst of business cases ):
- Managing Template Roll-out of SAP APO 3.x and BW 3.x landscape according to Henkel’s specific functional customizing issues, analisis and planning processes within alert monitor, reporting and data migration from non-SAP in SAP systems for Eastern European Business Divisions.
- Support of a seamless Supply Chain Planning (Order Document Management, ODM) according to a cornerstones Henkel concepts. Implementing of standard XI interfaces for SAP SCM acording to Henkel’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
- Controlling change process for functional and technical requirements, Gap analysis, coordination of resources and project scope colaboration. Assessing impact, from Gap analysis solutions on live sites in Western Europe Americas and Asia.
- Support project management team in order to track the ability of the project team to meet deadlines and milestones during the INSTREAM project. Realization and risk analysis based on systematic KPI customization parameters, central material management and SAP BI (BW).
- Progress reporting to senior management. Providing project standards, high level plans and presentations.PM responsibilities incluiding QA of functional and technical development work and global technical analysis to system landscape for additional requirements or enhancements.

Period (Client):

Jun.1999 - Oct.2001 (Siemens SBS Oslo, Norway)


Telecommunication and Electronic Industry
  -SAP Senior Consultant for SAP Competence Center
 - 4 new SAP R/3 implementation diff. Customers, 4 GoLive  starting up from one heterogeneous landscape into a migration concept SAP R73 (Unix-ORA, Unix-Informix, NT-ORA)
- Teamleader for the coordination, Installation, Preparation and building up the systems landscape.
- Project Management of the SAP R/3 Basis Migration Project: Project Scope, Database Migration, Resource control and Coordination. Analysis of source and target systems, Check Consistent and Evaluation for Migration.
- Going Live Check coordination, problem management and reporting. Synchronization and Coordination between technical migration team and the application operational department (development team)
Period (Client): Sept. 1997 - Jan.1999 (Racke AG, Germany)
Branch: Retail and Beverly Industry

-New SAP R/3 Implementation and Re-Engineering of operation management processes. Joining the SAP Basis Project-Team, Support and implementation of corporate strategies for the interconnection of subsidiaries information system to the SAP landscape.
- Roll-out and implementation of an authorization concept, and client-copy concept for the company.
- Customizing for DB-copy and client-copy automation concept. DB-reorganization and DB-optimization tools- Diverse DB-Upgrades, DB-Patches and DB-Migration, system copies and DB-copies with enhanced and SAP installation tools.
- System configuration, performance management, monitoring and optimization. – Deployments project upgrading different basis customer releases: 3.0F, 4.0B incl. Plug-Ins and 3th. Parties add-on’s upgrades. Responsible for the SAP certified interface for Siemens Add-On industry solutions

Period (Client): Oct.96– Aug.97 (Wolf Walsrode AG, Bomblitz)
Branch: Cellulose-chemical, cosmetics and comestible industry
  Project Manager and SAP Consultant (Outsourcing Project):
- Concept to standardize SAP R/3 Front-end installation (ca.150 User)
- Build up, preparation and installation of new SAP R/3 system landscape (Landscape for Migration R/2 to R/3)
- Project Manager covering line management of SAP Basis standards, creating of user authorization concepts, development projects for e-Procurement platform, logistics and the integration of the associated engineering plant design software system, ensuring the interface communication between R/3 and other information systems.
Period (Client): Jul.94– Sep.96 (Deutsche Shell, Köln)
Branch: Oil and Petrochemical Industry
  - Analyst and consultant for CAE/CAD Intergraph PDS system to SAP R/3. IT Management and system landscape analysis to setup and integrate a PDS 2d/3d project MM module to SAP R/3 PM and MM. Fully organization of SAP Basis Kernel Upgrades from 1.1A through 2.0B. (My real first Implementation of SAP).
- Upgrade, OS and DB preparation activities for upgrades, new release and R/3 core changes (platform: Unix-Reliant/Oracle).
- Concept for a printing configuration management plan and forms preprocessing for a variety of customer printers and modems.
- Administration of HP-UX, Oracle-RDBMS and R/3, Hardware installations of networks, communications and of HP-servers
- Concept and implementation models for migration to SAP R/3 from legacy applications. Project member in Master data Conversion, Export and Import (customer, material and vendor master) inventory and accounting data to SAP R/3.





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