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In a nutshell, I am a Software Engineer holding diverse certifications and degrees. Since 1994 I have been engaged in diverse SAP rollout projects. The major business areas which I have been involved are: management and technology consulting, insurance and financial services, health care, chemical and pharmaceutical, gas and oil, consumer care, mechanical, plant engineering and construction. Giving this experience I am devoted to help clients solving today's biggest challenges and work hand-in-hand to leverage business performance, and add more value to your business.



From my perspective, the real challenge is to enhance customer values by reducing risk and developing an appropriate business strategy in an ever-changing world economy. Most companies nowadays are facing problems in recognizing and developing their own sustainable competitive advantages. That's why you need to find out a balance in your business model; on the other hand you have to think about how to make it "unique," protect your intellectual property and add more value to the shareholders. Unfortunately, there's no a generic "universal solution" for each industry need. However, since I have been working as consultant for different industries and businesses (probably including one similar to yours), I can better understand the demands of your industry, and immediately support your management staff. With this vision, I can help you to focus on your core competencies, leading your business into new strategies and trends by giving more transparency across your enterprise.

In case you want to contact me, do not hesitate and send me an email to: jose@benavides-consulting.com

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